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Therapeutic Exercise

Our Canby Chiropractor Provides Effective Exercises To Help You Heal & Thrive!

At Canby Chiropractic & Injury Clinic, our Canby chiropractor, Dr. Roger D. Stewart, believes that the most effective healing relies on active involvement of the patient. That's why he's spent over three decades honing his skills for creating and implementing customized exercise programs. These programs are provided with the utmost consideration of each patient's unique needs, and perfectly complement the other holistic services offered at our clinic. 

chiropractor helping with therapeutic massage

The Different Types of Therapeutic Exercises Offered by Our Chiropractor in Canby OR

When provided in conjunction with our other non-invasive services, therapeutic exercise can help with everything from tissue healing to strength building. Here are a few different ways our chiropractor in Canby may prescribe an exercise program for you:

  • Exercises to increase core stabilization: so many cases of lower back dysfunction are exacerbated by weak core muscles with limited endurance. Dr. Stewart can instruct you on safe and effective core stabilizing exercises, as well as strengthening exercises for any muscle groups weakened by a prior injury.
  • Exercises to promote tissue healing: exercises prescribed with high repetitions and low to no resistance can help accelerate the healing process from acute injuries by allowing muscles to act as a "pump," reducing inflammation and stimulating healthy localized circulation.
  • Exercises to increase coordination and balance: everyone from the star athlete on a varsity team to their grandmother cheering in the stands needs to develop and maintain good balance! Our chiropractor can offer creative and effective exercises that improve proprioception, motor control, balance, and overall nervous system functioning, which essential for injury/fall recovery and prevention.
  • Exercises to increase functional mobility: Dr. Stewart can carefully assess your entire body and determine where you have mobility restrictions. However, simply "stretching" your hamstrings (or any other tight muscle) may not be enough to resolve dysfunction or prevent injury. Why is this muscle tight in the first place? What other factors are contributing to the altered postural balance and muscle-length relationship? How else could these areas of limited mobility be improved? These are important questions our chiropractor explores and answers when prescribing exercises for increasing flexibility, which may include static stretches, dynamic stretches, and self-myofascial release techniques.

Have questions? Ask them! Dr. Stewart will take all the time necessary to help you understand the correct form of your rehabilitative exercises before he sends you home with them. 

Struggling with Pain? Get Customized Rehabilitative Exercises at Our Chiropractic Clinic

Whether you're currently dealing with back pain, shoulder and arm pain, leg pain, or some other type of condition, our chiropractor in Canby can help. Schedule an appointment with our team contacting us now at (503) 266-5858.


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