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Chiropractic Care: For More than Back Pain

When most people think of chiropractic care, its value for back pain treatment immediately comes to mind. While this does indeed make up a big part of the practice for a chiropractor in Canby, it is not the only one. Since almost all of the body's main nerves run through the spine, chiropractors often find themselves treating the back for seemingly-unrelated issues. The treatment works because manipulating the spine stops impingement or irritation of the nerves leading to the part that is presenting the pain. Here are some of the issues that, it turns out, are helped by chiropractic care:

Woman getting chiropractic care for her back injury in Canby.

Leg and Foot Pain

If an examination of a painful leg or foot reveals no direct problems with these parts, it's time to suspect that the source of the trouble is actually in a different location. A chiropractor in Canby, OR will likely suspect sciatica – a problem that typically originates where the sciatic nerve leaves the spine. When this nerve is irritated, compressed, or otherwise bothered, it can lead to extreme pain anywhere along its length. It runs from the spine down to the ankle, so that's a lot of areas that can start hurting!

Sciatica-like pain can also result from impingement of the nerve in other places. The piriformis muscle, deep in the buttocks, is known for doing this. When this or another muscle is the problem, treatment to release its tension is needed. This can take the form of physical therapy, therapeutic massage, and similar methodologies.

Neck Pain

The most infamous type of neck pain comes from whiplash, which typically results from the head being thrown forwards and back by outside forces. However, chiropractors are seeing more and more instances of "text neck," a condition caused by the sufferer looking forward and down for prolonged periods of time. Such craning of the neck interferes with and can even straighten its natural curve, resulting in soreness and stiffness. Many neck problems are helped by a combination of chiropractic care, massage, special exercises, and of course, eliminating behaviors that aggravate the issues.

Joint Problems

Sports, yard work, and other such activities can put unnatural stresses on the joints. Whether immediately or over time, this can cause the joints to stop lining up properly. Many chiropractors can use gentle bone manipulation and prescribed therapeutic exercise to get them back into place. Once everything is lined up again, the pain stops and is less likely to return.

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